The Samnites

The Samnites were a tribe in the early time of Italy. They lived around 350 B.C., and were neighbors with the Romans. The Samnites wanted to increase their territory but what they didn't know was that they were expanding into another tribes territory, which was ruled by the Romans. The Romans had been allies with … Continue reading The Samnites


The Poeple’s King: Servius Tullius

Servius Tullius  became king differently because most kings are selected by the  Senate, but not him. He became king because of the way  he treated the people so well, he gained their trust and love.  He then became king in 578 B.C.  The cool thing  about Servius was that he was a slave before he … Continue reading The Poeple’s King: Servius Tullius

Mystery reptile 2, Answers.

Its an Iguana! The Iguana lives in Africa, and South America(Galapagos Island). The Marine Iguana lives in Galapagos Island, by the shore and rocky out crops. The green iguana lives in South America in rainforests. The red or orange iguana lives in Africa, in jungles, as well as the savanna -ish forest and beaches I … Continue reading Mystery reptile 2, Answers.

The 15 years war

After the Persian empire was defeated the Greeks allied with the states of Greece.  Sparta did not want to be apart of this so they left.  Sparta and Athens had small arguments over the years which led to big tension.  In 459 B.C. war had begun between Athens and Sparta, Megara and Corinth also had … Continue reading The 15 years war