Mystery reptile 2, Answers.

Its an Iguana! The Iguana lives in Africa, and South America(Galapagos Island). The Marine Iguana lives in Galapagos Island, by the shore and rocky out crops. The green iguana lives in South America in rainforests. The red or orange iguana lives in Africa, in jungles, as well as the savanna -ish forest and beaches I … Continue reading Mystery reptile 2, Answers.


Mystery reptile part 2

That's right a Komodo Dragon! The island they live on is called Komodo island (that would have given it away), in Indonesia. You know how people think they'er venomous, well they'er not. It is actually the bacteria in their saliva that acts like a venom. I hope you guys liked this Mystery reptile week! Please let me … Continue reading Mystery reptile part 2