Rise of the dawn of the Roman third century crisis!

In Rome, before the 3rd century, everything was going smoothly.  Then, one day, a man named Commodus became emperor, and that's when it all started (again!). Commodus was not one of the good ones.  He started devaluing the money, did not pay any attention to the military, and he used a lot of the tax money for … Continue reading Rise of the dawn of the Roman third century crisis!


The Roman Fashion show

“Hello, and welcome to the first ever Roman-themed fashion show in XLV A.D. (45)!  My name is Theodippios Rucius Dominous, and today we will be looking at the different styles of Roman clothing. We will showcase a wide variety of Roman attire, from togas to tunics.  You might notice that the most common materials and … Continue reading The Roman Fashion show

Roman Architecture

The Romans loved their buildings.  They made them so well that some of them are still standing!  We even use some of their building styles.  The most common forms are arches, domes, pillars, and A frames. Arches, like we see in the Colosseum and Aqueducts, are good for supporting a lot of weight. Some examples … Continue reading Roman Architecture

Caligula or Claudius?

If you had to choose between Caligula and Claudius to become the next emperor of Rome, whom would you choose?  Let me tell you a little bit about them so you can decide. Caligula was born in 12 A.D. as the son of a Roman general who was the adopted son of the emperor Tiberius. … Continue reading Caligula or Claudius?

The life of Jesus Christ and His Influences on Western Civilization

The life and teachings of Jesus Christ have played a major role in the development of Western Civilization. I will present three major events in his life and then show how they are a part of Western Culture still today. In the land of Judea (modern day Israel), in the city of Bethlehem, Jesus was … Continue reading The life of Jesus Christ and His Influences on Western Civilization

Drama Before the Roman Empire

In the late Roman Republic, three men played a rather ‘dramatic’ role in the birth of the Roman Empire in 27 B.C.: Octavian Augustus Caesar, Mark Antony, and Mark Lepidus. Octavian was the adopted son of Julius Caesar and grew up in Rome with his father and sister; Mark AntonyMark Antony was Julius Caesar’s most trusted … Continue reading Drama Before the Roman Empire