The life of Jesus Christ and His Influences on Western Civilization

The life and teachings of Jesus Christ have played a major role in the development of Western Civilization. I will present three major events in his life and then show how they are a part of Western Culture still today. In the land of Judea (modern day Israel), in the city of Bethlehem, Jesus was … Continue reading The life of Jesus Christ and His Influences on Western Civilization


Hap ki do!

Hap ki do is a Martial art that teaches self defense like, Nun-chucks, Bo staff, flips, grappling (self defense) and respect. I really enjoyed it even though I was learning how to speak Korean, I understood them perfectly! And at the end of each class we would say, 핲기! (hap ki!) Here are some pics: … Continue reading Hap ki do!

Drama Before the Roman Empire

In the late Roman Republic, three men played a rather ‘dramatic’ role in the birth of the Roman Empire in 27 B.C.: Octavian Augustus Caesar, Mark Antony, and Mark Lepidus. Octavian was the adopted son of Julius Caesar and grew up in Rome with his father and sister; Mark AntonyMark Antony was Julius Caesar’s most trusted … Continue reading Drama Before the Roman Empire

The Poeple’s King: Servius Tullius

Servius Tullius  became king differently because most kings are selected by the  Senate, but not him. He became king because of the way  he treated the people so well, he gained their trust and love.  He then became king in 578 B.C.  The cool thing  about Servius was that he was a slave before he … Continue reading The Poeple’s King: Servius Tullius