Navy Boat

This was a retired Naval war boat in Kangnug Korea. It was pretty cool! It also had a captured North Korean submarine.



My teacher, Dr. Bradly Fish, said "No study of the mathematicians and scientists would  be complete without Archimedes."  Arcimedes was well known and very much recognized for his achievements.  He was born in Syracuse on the island of Sicily 287-212BC. One day he wanted to count the sand.  He wanted to figure out how many … Continue reading Archimedes

Mystery reptile part 2

That's right a Komodo Dragon! The island they live on is called Komodo island (that would have given it away), in Indonesia. You know how people think they'er venomous, well they'er not. It is actually the bacteria in their saliva that acts like a venom. I hope you guys liked this Mystery reptile week! Please let me … Continue reading Mystery reptile part 2