Athens or Sparta?

Would you rather live in Athens or Sparta?

In Athens you could have the ‘sweet life’ of getting married, having a having a family and  children, and wealth.  In Athens, the women mostly went out and would spend their time in the markets with other women, even though they were married.  Women could get married as young as age 15 but men at age 30.  After a child was born, the father could  decide whether to keep the child or throw it out.  Yikes!  The boys could go to school starting at age7.

But Sparta was bit different.  Sparta was a military-focused city.  The military thought the city would be weakened if  families were loyal to each other, so they deliberately weakened the family.  Young couples could not be together unless they meet in secret and  men had to eat in military mess halls-even the king!  And all boys had to join the military at age 7 and live in military barracks, never to see their family again.

If you were living in that time, what city would you live in?  Post your choices in the comments below.  Assuming my father did throw me out as a new born, I would definitely want to live in Athens!




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