Olympic games

“Hello, and welcome to the Olympic games world broadcast and your Olympic history minute. I am your host Brice Palmer.

We have all kinds of sports for you to enjoy today. Everything from volleyball and  archery to canoeing and tae-kwon do. But did you know that the games have been around for 503 years? The games first began in Greece 776 B.C. and were for the worship of their gods. The Olympic games were held every four years, just like today.  And some of the old sports they had back then we still have today including, javelin, discus, wrestling, foot racing, and boxing. But an emperor named Theodosius ended the games in 394 B.C. because Christianity came to Greece. So the games would have been around for even longer if it weren’t  for him. Fortunately, in 1896 a man named “Pierre de Coubertine got the games back on its feet! Hooray! And that was your Olympic history minute. Now back to the GAMES!!!!!


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