Gaboon Viper

The Gaboon viper is a very poisons snake. Its fangs are six inches which is longer than any other snake in the world! It also has two horns at the end of its head.6959453345_483c407221_b

The viper has a leaf-shaped pattern on the its body which helps it to hide in the underbrush . It also helps when it needs to eat, the viper hides and waits for prey to come by and then BAM, the viper has a meal. They feed on mice, rats, and full-grown rabbits.The Gaboon viper slithers and “walks”. Not like a human, but like in a caterpillar-ish way. It lives in Africa’s rainforests and savannas. It is six feet long, and weighs 19lbs, and live to be 18 years.



3 thoughts on “Gaboon Viper

  1. That’s really interesting. I’m assuming this is a highly venomous snake; or is this a constrictor? It’s really cool how it has the two horns on it’s head. It kinda resembles the rattlesnake due to it’s color. Where do they usually live, in the desert or the rainforest? Wow, lots of questions. Thanks for sharing.

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