The Ten Plagues

Moses was the prophet of God at the time the Hebrews were slaves to the Egyptians. Moses and Aaron talk to the pharaoh to let them take the Hebrew people on a three-day journey to make sacrifices to worship God. But pharaoh does not agree with him and makes the Hebrews work harder. The Hebrews are not happy with this ether, so Moses prays to God and asks Him to deliver the Hebrew people out of the hands of the pharaoh. Moses tries to convince the pharaoh again, and this time God tells Moses to show a sign to the pharaoh. He turns Aaron’s staff into a snake! But the pharaoh does not let them go. Then God sends the first plague: the Nile River turns into blood! But still the pharaoh does not let them go. God sends the second plague, frogs, they come out of the ground and riverand infest the land. (after each plague the one before it goes away)

The 2nd plague: Frogs

The 3rd plague was lice, could you believe having to wash yourself everyday? Still the pharaoh did not let them go. God sent the 4th plague which was Flies. Flies everywhere! Still the pharaoh did not let them go! (man, this pharaoh really does not what them to leave). The 5th plague that God sent was even worse then the 4th, Death of cattle and Livestock. This almost killed the Egyptians because it was their only way of transportation besides walking, and also because it was food for them.

Livestock Cow Milk Cow Graze Beef Pasture Cows
The 5th plague: Death of cattle and Livestock

The 6th plague that God sent was Boils and Sores. God told Moses to blow on a pile of ashes. Moses obeys and blow on a pile of ashes, the ashes spread over the land and land on the Egyptians skin and burns them. The 7th plague was Hailstones. It destroyed most of the crops and fields. But still the pharaoh refused to let them go. And what ever was left over of the crops that was not destroyed by the 7th plague was with the 8th, Locusts.

The 8th plague: Locusts

And still THE PHARAOH DID NOT LET THEM GO! The 9th plague was Darkness, in this darkness they could not even see the sun! The last was the Passover, but before it came, God told Moses how to prepare for it. They must kill a lamb at twilight, paint it’s blood on their doorpost, and eat the same lamb with bitter herbs, and they had to eat all of it!  If they did not do this the first born child of that family would die. That night there was a great cry because the first born child of the pharaoh had died. The next day the pharaoh finally let Moses take the Hebrews out of the land and told them to never come back.

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