The day I moved to Korea

The day that I moved to Korea was the longest day of my life. We moved on November 17th. The flight took about 18 hours and then the we took a bus from the airport to a bus stop near the Air Force base. Then some of my dads friends dropped us off at the base. Then after a few days  we moved off base. Now we are living in a busy city called  Song-Tan. We used to live in Colorado, Colorado Springs to be exact. South Korea is crazy! Driving here is a challenge,  you can go on red lights(or so say the people honking behind you). The fruit here is really sweet, strawberries, blueberries, you name it its sweet. Although you my see pictures of Korea and they look nice, the real Korea is messy , and a little junky. My family and I went on a hike yesterday and it was pretty and quiet, we saw some cool looking pagodas.

Pagoda flower

I am trying to learn Korean or 한글말 ( that’s Korean in Korean😉) so far I know a little bit, but speaking and spelling is hard, the easy part is reading it. My dad is good at speaking Korean because he lived here for to years. Even though Korea is not where we were expected to go ’cause I mean we could have been sent to Iraq or some other place but…I’m glad we were sent to Korea.

Brice Palmer


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