World Tour part 2

The civilizations that I learned about this past week were pretty cool, but the one that interested me the most were Central and South American civilizations. An ancient civilization that lived in near the Gulf of Mexico was the Olmecs. Their three major religious centers where they built their temples were:

  1. San Lorenzo
  2. La Venta
  3. Tres Zapotes

They wrote using hieroglyphs, and carved HUGE head statues out of volcanic rock.

Volcanic heads

Another civilization was the Mayan civilization.  They also lived in Central America. The Mayans made ancient calendars and amazing star charts. The Mayans were overrun by another civilization called the Toltecs.

Mayan calendar


The Chavins lived in modern-day Peru and Ecuador. The Chavins got their name from the man who discovered them -“Chavin de Huantar”.

The Moche civilization created a pair of magnificent adobe temples to the moon and to the sun.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful.😀

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