One way to stop an ancient construction project

The Tower of Babel was built after Noah and Adam.  The tower of Babel was built because the people of Babylon were scared God would send another flood. Because the people were wicked and so prideful, God confused their language and dispersed them throughout the land in three groups: The Japhitic tribe, Shamitic tribe, and the Hamitic tribe. The Japhitic tribe went to Europe, the Shamitic tribe stayed in the Middle East and some parts of Asia, and the Hamitic tribe went to Africa. I could be descended from the Japhitic and the Shamitic tribes because my ancestors are from Europe and Japan.  You might be different.  I wonder what it was like for them when all their languages got mixed up.  If I could chose a language and place, I’d like to speak Italian living in Italy!

I hope you enjoyed my first post.  I wrote this as my weekly review writing assignment for History 6 of the online Ron Paul Curriculum.


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