World Tour part 2

The civilizations that I learned about this past week were pretty cool, but the one that interested me the most were Central and South American civilizations. An ancient civilization that lived in near the Gulf of Mexico was the Olmecs. Their three major religious centers where they built their temples were: San Lorenzo La Venta Tres Zapotes They wrote … Continue reading World Tour part 2


World Tour

During this past week my teacher did a World Tour for History 6 grade, My favorite part of the World Tour was about ancient Greece. An ancient civilization called the Minoans  developed on the largest island off the cost of Greece, the island is called Crete. Another ancient civilization was the Mycenaeans. They lived in small, … Continue reading World Tour

One way to stop an ancient construction project

The Tower of Babel was built after Noah and Adam.  The tower of Babel was built because the people of Babylon were scared God would send another flood. Because the people were wicked and so prideful, God confused their language and dispersed them throughout the land in three groups: The Japhitic tribe, Shamitic tribe, and the Hamitic tribe. The … Continue reading One way to stop an ancient construction project