Hey guys, my name is Brice and I will be posting about myself and 6 grade history from Ron Paul Curriculum. Here are a few things about me:

  • I like reptiles.
  • I live in South Korea.
  • I like to read books .
  • I am a Mormon.
  • I have a pet snake, Not with  me right now.
  • I do Hap Ki Do. (Martial arts)
  • I love LEGOs!
  • And I like to have fun!

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My teacher, Dr. Bradly Fish, said “No study of the mathematicians and scientists would  be complete without Archimedes.”  Arcimedes was well known and very much recognized for his achievements.  He was born in Syracuse on the island of Sicily 287-212BC. One day he wanted to count the sand.  He wanted to figure out how many … Continue reading Archimedes

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