The Battle of Hastings

The battle of Hastings took place in the year 1066 A.D. and only lasted one day.  The people who were fighting in the battle were the Saxons and the Normans.  After Edward, King of England, had died Harold Godwinson who was the Earl of Wessex became the king.  But a man named William of Normandy […]

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The viking people originated from Scandinavia and started to spread throughout more of Europe.  The name Viking came from the Old Norse words meaning ” seaman” and “expeditions”.  When you think of a viking you might think horned helmets and barbaric, meat loving animals! But they were actually very clean at home. Yes, they did […]

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Charlemagne was born in the modern day country called Belgium in 742 A.D.  He was named after his father, Charles Martel.  How he got the name Charlemagne was because he became Charles the Great or Charlemagne in English translation.  He became the co-ruler of the Carolingian Kingdom at age 26 in 768 A.D.  The other ruler […]

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Muhammad was born in 570 A.D., in the city of Mecca close to the ancient shrine of Ka’ba.  By the time Muhammad had his first revelation he was 40 years old. When he had this vision he was in a cave.  He said that he saw the angle Gabriel that told him to make a […]

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King Arthur

In the 5th century, after the decline of the Romans, the Angles invaded England at the same time the Saxons did.  So the Angles and the Saxons had to fight over who got England.  King Arthur and the round table is one of the most well known fairy tails of all time, or at least […]

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The Young Samurai

Over the summer I read the series of the Young Samurai. It is about an English boy named Jack who ship wrecked with his father on the island of Japan in the 1600’s. He was adopted by one of the greatest samurai, Masamoto-sama, after his father was murdered by the evil ninja Dragon eye. Jack […]

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The creeds of the early church

In the early church there were creeds.   A creed is like a code of conduct , it is what they lived by. The early church fathers made these creeds to show what they believed in. The most famous of the early church creeds are the Apostle’s creed and the Nicene creed. They are very […]

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My History journey

When I started this course I was really exited to start. So far I have learned about the beginning of time to the fall of the Roman Empire. My favorite thing I studied was Roman history. It was amazing to see how it grew from a small civilization to one of the biggest empires in […]

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